Are we engaged, or still just flirting?

Glenn Davidson, carbon and cultural creative, lends some thoughts on measuring organizational engagement in sustainability. This topic elicits a million or so different responses, theories, frameworks and formulas and here are six more…


Rob Nicholls on an earlier move to an ETS

If you missed this earlier, click here to listen to Rob Nicholls, MD of Carbon Training International, discuss the issues surrounding an earlier move to an emissions trading scheme.  

Leigh Baker - Sustainability Coach, Author and one of the people that truly gets it.

Deep Green Profit – Interview with Leigh Baker, Sustainability Coach

From her ontological sustainability coaching firm, Balance3, to her blog, to her LinkedIn group, to her punchy and insightful book, ‘The Deep Green Profit Handbook: Winning Business Strategies for the Sustainability Revolution’, Leigh has certainly put the work in to be in a place where she can help others understand what she does, without the hard slog. In short, she gets it, and can help others do the same.

Strategy, tactics and insight

Whether you are new to carbon management or an old hand we aim to help improve your carbon reduction performance